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A man who peed on a woman on an Air India flight was arrested in Bengaluru.

A man who peed on a woman on an Air India flight was arrested in Bengaluru.
A man who peed on a woman on an Air India flight was arrested in Bengaluru.

A man who peed on a woman on an Air India flight was arrested in Bengaluru.

Mumbai man Shankar Mishra, who peed on an elderly woman while drunk on an Air India flight in November, was arrested late on Friday night by the Delhi police from Bengaluru and was brought back to the national capital, sources said. He was on the run, and a lookout notice or airport alert was placed to trace him.

The police of the Delhi locality had deployed a team in Bengaluru, Karnataka, to locate Shankar Mishra. After obtaining some “solid” finds on his location, the police were able to find Mishra.

Although he was using his phone, he was posting on social media to communicate with friends, which gave police an opportunity to easily track him down, high-ranking police sources explained.

34-year-old Mishra had, at least in one place, used his debit card too, sources said.

On the 26 November of a New York-Delhi Air India flight, Shankar Mishra unzipped his pants and peed on an elderly woman in business class. He later pleaded with the woman not to report him to the police, saying it would impact his wife and child.

Air India lodged a police report this week stating that there was no more trouble and that the crew chose to abide by the wishes of the lady passenger in landing. Mishra’s ban from flying for 30 days provoked a social media backlash because it was perceived to be insufficient.

The complainant informed the crew that she did not want to see the victim’s face and was “stunned” the district attorney was brought in to “beg for forgiveness,” which is a pity because the FIR documents are designed specifically for displaying the prosecutor’s face and raising the fairness of this case in the eyes of the public.

In conclusion, the woman also accused the corporation of being “deeply unprofessional.” She asserted they were slow in handling a “very delicate and traumatic” event.

Shankar Mishra’s lawyers said he inveigled her into a lawsuit by promising payment, at which time he was purchased for 15,000 cash. His accuser’s belongings were cleaned and restored. There was reportedly no difficulty accepting the money due to that woman’s daughter.

Wells Fargo, Mishra’s organization’s employer, has also terminated him, stating the accusations of fraud were “deeply disturbing.” He was a former vice president of the India chapter of the multinational firm, which is based in the United States.

Wells Fargo employees create an exceptionally strong work ethic and are found by others to be upstanding individuals. Wells Fargo discovered that personnel reported some grave allegations against this individual and terminated her position.

Air India officials as well as the flight’s crew have been requested to provide explanations following widespread shock and disgust over the incident.

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a warning against airline staff for failure to take control of unruly or misbehaving passengers, as the United States aviation regulator points out in a document it has made available.