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Ashvinder Wadhawan : Social Media has helped me providing a platform to express myself.

Ashvinder Wadhawan : Social Media has helped me providing a platform to express myself.
Ashvinder Wadhawan : Social Media has helped me providing a platform to express myself.

Ashvinder Wadhawan: Social Media has helped me provide a platform to express myself.


The internet and social media provide young people with a range of benefits, and opportunities to empower themselves in a variety of ways. Ashvinder Wadhawan, one among such talents who is enjoying great popularity on his Instagram profile sets an example on how such social networking services can be used to hone skills in a local, national or international context. This helps users develop public ways of presenting themselves.

Wadhawan, the_foodie_photographer opens up on how Instagram has become part of his lifestyle. He adds, “Social media has helped me a lot by providing a platform on which I can express myself. It has given a common person like me, a chance to share interests and experiences with so many people in one click and connect with like-minded people. Well, there are hidden unexpected perks too! I’ve enjoyed collaborations with small businesses as well as big brands by sharing their brand stories on my platform and helping them grow their reach and trust.”

Sharing his love for photography. He continues, “I love capturing my surroundings be it nature or food. I believe photos can capture memories. And it helps me in reliving them afterward. I am fascinated by the mountains, and the tranquillity I found in them. I am very passionate about trying to capture scenes and things from different perspectives and I learned from my mistakes – technical settings like light exposure, etc. are a part of learning and improving. I use videography and photography of the things I love as a medium to express what I was feeling at that particular moment.”

Wadhawan and his love for exploring food can be beautifully justified. The foodie tells, “I think I have been a foodie since my childhood. Always been fascinated by different types of cuisines. I always wanted to try different types of food to play with my taste buds. Honestly, I enjoy everything except some of the green veggies (laughs). I am Punjabi and we Punjabis are die-hard foodies. My mood usually sways my cravings for food – Like sometimes I crave for Chole bhature, rajma chawal and the other time, I crave momo, pizzas, etc. Since I love to experiment with food, I use cooking as a medium to do so, especially when I get some free time. I keep learning from others on YouTube and my friends fall for the amazing pizzas I make!”

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