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Felicitation of Jyoti Jha and Vinay Rai by Zenith Commerce Academy

Felicitation of Jyoti Jha and Vinay Rai by Zenith Commerce Academy
Felicitation of Jyoti Jha and Vinay Rai by Zenith Commerce Academy

Felicitation of Jyoti Jha and Vinay Rai by Zenith Commerce Academy

Patha 27 June The leading institute of commerce, Zenith Commerce Academy, situated at Boring Road Patna, felicitated Tourism Model of the World and Miss India Finalist, Jyoti Jha and the famous Singer Vinay Rai for their valuable contributions on state and national level.

The director of the institute, Suniel Singh mentioned that Bihar has a glorious past and its a sign of harmony and sensitivity. Our state Bihar is full of creativity and talent of high standard. It has been noticed that due to the lack of proper support and guidance they do not reach their full potentional or find their worth. All they require is right guidance and appreciation.

जेनिथ कामर्स एकादमी ने ज्योति झा और विनय राय को किया सम्मानित

This is one of the reasons that we recognize and felicitate such talents. Suniel Ji emphasizes that there are many great individuals who on their personal level have contributed to the growth and development of the state in every sphere. Their hard work and contributions should be remembered and recognized. This is the reason that on behalf of the Zenith Academy, such individuals are recognized and felicitated. They receive a token of appreciation.

On this occasion multi talented Jyoti Jha who is also a Grooming and Personality Decelopment Expert, Holistic Yoga and Mindfulness Practitioner shared her thoughts and visions. She said that the Biharis have achieved remarkable success not only in India but globally as well. They are known for their hard work, dedication and tenacity. Jyoti mentioned that there is no lack of talents and skill in Bihar, but what lacks is resources and support. Government and society must contribute for the growth of such individuals. We have witnessed the migration of our people because of these reasons. Jyoti is also the Brand Ambassador and Creative Head of the NGO Creative Vision Society. She would like to contribute to the growth of not only Bihar but other provinces as well.
Jyoti Jha praised Zenith Commerece Academy’s director Suniel Ji and his contributions in the growth of Bihar.

Talent of Bihar winner, Vinay Rai said that Bihar is the birth place of many talents and gifted people from here have left their mark worldwide. Bihar has a rich and prosperous history and we must maintain it. He also praised Suniel ji and his initiatives and he felt happy that a successful personality like Suniel ji had started felicitating young artists and talents of Bihar.

On this occasion, Choreographer and Red Ratti’s Director Master Ujjwal mentioned that Bihar is the land of many talents and geniuses. There is no lack of them. From time to time we have proven our worth world over. A talent will spread its light wherever it is, its is self sufficient. It will work hard till it finds its destination. Bihar is rich in arts, culture, and talent. We must feel proud about it. We must preserve and protect the glory of our state Bihar and work towards its growth and development.

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