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Nitish Kumar Party Leader Refuses to Quit Without a Share

Nitish Kumar Party Leader Refuses to Quit Without a Share
Nitish Kumar Party Leader Refuses to Quit Without a Share

Nitish Kumar Party Leader Refuses to Quit Without a Share

Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, has asked his party partner Upendra Kushwaha to leave the JD(U). Mr. Kushwaha disputed this, saying that he could no longer be a member of this party without his share in the “paternal property.”

Speculation about Mr. Kushwaha’s supposed contact with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fueled by this news.

Bhai Saheb the one thing Bhai Saheb said was correct: if younger brothers don’t leave homes like this at the advice of the elder brothers, everyone will make sure that all elder brothers get into the property of Baap-Dada (ancestors) by discarding the younger brothers. How can I leave the house while abandoning my shares in entire properties?

JD(U) leader Umesh Kushwaha lambasted fellow leader Upendra Kushwaha. He said, “Upendra Kushwaha should be ashamed of his behavior. Nitish Kumar has bestowed him so much, but he is trying to break the JD(U). He should resign from the party.”

In his spare time, he hasn’t indicated his intent to donate money to the cause. If he has any integrity, he should quit the party himself.

Nitish Ji made him Upendra Kushwaha from Upendra Singh. He sent him to the parliament and the council,” stated Umesh Kushwaha.

The JD(U) leader indicated that the party became stronger on its own. Then Upendra Kushwaha joined, and for the duration, he utilized his resources to fight the party.

If Nitish ji still has any self-respect, his countryman Umesh Kushwaha values it if he resigns. Those who cheated Nitish ji ought to be wary.

Upendra Kushwaha’s previous statements denying that he had joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday were untrue. Following Saturday’s speculations linking Nitish Kumar to the BJP leader Upendra Kushwaha, Bihar’s Chief Minister remarked that he will meet the politician and discuss it.

We invite you to ask Upendra Kushwaha to contact me. He left the party before the others departed as well, I don’t know how he struggled. I was not in Patna so I do not know anything about it. He’s currently ill, I’ll meet him and discuss this,” Nitish Kumar said during his Samadhan Yatra in Gaya.

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