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Subham Sharma enjoys being fit

Subham Sharma enjoys being fit
Subham Sharma enjoys being fit

Subham Sharma enjoys being fit


Fitness model and actor shubham sharma who is ruling all over the social media for his looks and body appearance made his way talking to us and sharing a lots of fitness mantra. He also said that he keeps his eyes on bollywood.


He was recently seen in a music video. Shubham is ruling the hearts of girl and no doubt is most wanted young and gentle man around. He is ruling social media for his hotness.

“Honestly like most of us I used to feel fitness is just a fashion who wants to show muscles and good toned body but yes its good for modeling too.


Few years back when I started modeling, I was skinny then some of my friends were into modeling and having good physique,” Shubham said in a statement talking about his journey towards fitness.

He believes in working out in gym, he shares, “The plus point of gym is you’ll get a good shape, good face, good muscles, and fit you in every shoot. Last but no the least if u joined gym you shall love fitness you’ll be freak.”

Shubham shares that drinking lots of water is most important. He says, “Water mentain your body fluids because your body is composed of 60 percent of water.


So drink water regularly and on daily basis one should set the target of litres of water they have to consume.”

At the end concluding the interview Shubham disclosed that he keeps his eye to make debut in bollywood.”I want to do Bollywood projects and my eyes are on them”

We wish Shubham success and sun shine in life.