Exihibit of Bhikhari Thakur of Qutubpur



Exihibit of Bhikhari Thakur of Qutubpur
Patna, 16th July : Bhikhari Thakur, is considered to be the “Shakespeare of Bhojpuri”..A Play based on Bhikhari Thakur was staged at Kalidas Rangalaya, Patna.  Courtesy of VISHWA Patna, “Bhikhari Thakur of Kutubpur” drama  was successfully staged. Guided by Rajesh Raja and directed  by Madhukar Singh Thakur’s play “Qutubpur’s Beggars” staged period is 75 minutes.
 In Bihar’s Saran district, Qutubpur Diara village of chapra,  ‘Bhikhari Thakur’ who was born In one low class Barber family, has gave birth to a new life to Bhojpuri  culture. Bhikhari Thakur was not well literate Despite he composed many creations. His play, Bidesia, Gabberichor , Beti Bechwa, Beti Viyog, Bidesia ki pyari sundari, Nasakhor pati, etc. are still as relevant as they used to be earlier. Based on the immortal Dance drama of Bhikhari Thakur Bidesia a movie was created in 1963 which music was very Hit.
Through the Bhikhari Thakur’s  drama of Qutubpur shows the childhood period of Bhikhari Thakur till the journey of becoming Shakespeare was echoed. Bhikhari Thakur was never interested in studies. He also never wanted to be a hairdresser. He once worked under Harkhu singh, where he was insulted. After this he swore that he will never work as barber. After this Bhikhari Thakur went to Kolkata where he saw Jatra and Ramayana. After this he came back to qutubpur and made a dance party and many of the immortal creations. Composer of drama music directed by Brij bihari Mishra while dancing was directed by Pratyush Mishra. Bhikhari Thakur’s role played by  Sandeep kumar and Tarun kumar.  Other artists Tanu Ashmi, Pankaj kumar, Harendra kumar, Harsh kumar rai, Sudhanshu shekhar, Prince raj, Ujjwal singh, Nitin kumar , Raju kumar, Alok ranjan, Sriram yadav, Yatindra kumar, Jagdeep yadav, Pallavi singh  were included.
Earlier, Rajesh raja, Shashank shekhar, DR. Vinay kumar sinha, Dr Chitra sinha, Dr. Rana Sanjay, Prem kumar, Nischal sinha, Saket priyadarshi launched the lamp lighting program. After this Rajesh Raja and Shashank shekhar  awarded the Courteous guests by giving them Momento and Shawl .

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