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Gaurang Doshi to collaborate with top Chinese directors Stephen Lam and Zhang Yimou

Gaurang Doshi to collaborate with top Chinese directors Stephen Lam and Zhang Yimou

Bollywood director Gaurang Doshi is on a mission to move the global content needle forward and is taking swift steps to achieve his goal. He recently travelled to Shanghai to announce an important association in partnership with the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, one that will bring Bollywood, Hollywood, Europe and the world together in film, media, tourism, fashion and culture. Famous directors Stephen Lam and Zhang Yimou, who have created iconic Chinese films like Shaolin Temple starring Jet Li, Cold War, Lust, Hero and many others, have followed the path-breaking work done by Doshi and reached out to join hands for new projects. Three masterminds behind the reel – they will work together to create films that will amalgamate cultures, traditions and emotions from both the countries.

With over two decades of movie-making experience, Doshi has seen the rising interest in Indian films amongst the Chinese audiences. From 3 Idiots and Dangal to Mom and Andhadhun, Hindi films have transcended barriers and connected with the Chinese viewers. Taking this insight into consideration and catering to audience preferences, Doshi’s collaboration with Stephan and Zhang will allow an intricate exchange of stories. He has partnered with WEIJIE ZHU, one of the biggest distribution houses in China, to simplify the distribution of Bollywood content in China. Gaurang Doshi aims to distribute his upcoming movies ‘Aankhen Returns’, ‘Happy Anniversary’ and ‘Indians in Danger‘ in China and more importantly bring a sigh of relief considering complexities relating to the release of Bollywood movies in China. His colossal efforts are set to ease the distribution of all his movies and are also a great avenue for the Indian Film industry as it opens easier routes for movie distribution in China bringing newer opportunities for several Indian film makers, when they jointly produce films with Gaurang Doshi Productions in China.

“Hindi-Chini have always been bhai-bhai! This collaboration will give us the opportunity to explore our similarities, revel in our differences and promote love and harmony between the two countries. Stephan and Zhang have both been directors that I have always looked up to, for their mastery, their craft and their understanding of the movie business. I cannot wait for us to work together and start exchanging ideas!” says Gaurang Doshi.

“Gaurang has an incredible brain for business and great directing skills. I look forward to our future cooperation”, signed off Stephan Lam.