There is a lot of politics in Bhojpuri films : Priyanka Pandit

There is a lot of politics in Bhojpuri films : Priyanka Pandit

Mumbai: Priyanka Pandit, who is climbing the success ladder in Bhojpuri cinema, calls films her passion rather than interest. The Jaunpur girl, who ws born in Uttar Pradesh and raised in Ahemdabad, has done 8-9 films but understands the politics as well as mentality of the industry. In conversation with Priyanka Pandit:

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What have you learnt from your experience in Bhojpuri cinema? What did you like the most and what did you dislike?
Why cinema? Every field teaches us some or the other experience, knowingly- unknowingly. If we talk about Bhojpuri industry, it’s small but probably more complicated in comparison to Bollywood. Here, anybody can be an actor or an actress, whether they are talented or not. The actress should be beautiful while the actor should have a rich background, else he should be a singer. Everyone has the chance to try his/her luck and get a chance in films but from my point of view, I only want to say that in this case, cinema must not suffer.

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Do the producer and director understand whom to give a chance to and whom not to?Actually there is a lot of politics in Bhojpuri films. Old successful people decide who to take. They don’t have work but they have fame and are now playing the role of consultants. Newcomers take their advice and listen to them and this is what the senior people take benefit of. But ultimately, the talented people get affected. Now the big question is that in the 50 years of the Bhojpuri industry, we are engaged in pushing it back, rather than excelling ahead. We are responsible for this, not the audience. The viewers want to keep this cinema alive.

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Is there any hope for Bhojpuri cinema to regain its old image or to make a new strong identity?
Parallel cinema is good but this is a slow process. Some people are trying at their level and Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua is one them. He is obviously consistent with his films which prove that there are good viewers of Bhojpuri cinema. His films have better script and good budget. Anyone would be proud of his film Nirahua Hindustani. He tends to work on the script himself, that’s why there is no place for dirt. I believe that if the writer refuses to bow before anyone then half the problem is solved.

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