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Riya Kumari Murder”Robbery Suspect Arrested: Husband of Jharkhand Actress Shot”.

"Robbery Suspect Arrested: Husband of Jharkhand Actress Shot".
"Robbery Suspect Arrested: Husband of Jharkhand Actress Shot".

“Robbery Suspect Arrested: Husband of Jharkhand Actress Shot”.

Prakash Kumar, the husband of actress Riya Kumari, who was killed during an alleged highway robbery attempt in West Bengal on Wednesday, was detained on Thursday.

A 32-year-old actress and YouTuber from Jharkhand, Riya Kumari, was shot allegedly by three unknown assailants on NH 16 on Wednesday, 60km from Kolkata. The incident happened at 6 am.

Kumari’s own family stated that her YouTube videos used to infuriate Prakash, according to sources. Prakash was also ashamed stemming from being afraid she was having an affair and taking money from her.

Kumar informed the police that they were coming from Jharkhand and stopped his vehicle for a break at Bagnan highway. There he stated that three people attempted to rob him and injured him. He went on to explain that he drove one km and told people afterward.

The statements given by law enforcement officials had been in conflict with the intent of Kumari’s kin, thus resulting in his arrest. The judgment made at Kumari’s preliminary analysis will depend on the results of forensic testing on his personal body. Gunshot residue results will also be obtained on Thursday as anticipated.

Several unanswered questions have arisen that pertain to the murder of Kumari, including why she was not affected during the attack, why she traveled one km for assistance, and why not much was taken by the attackers. Police are looking into all of these factors. Kumari was becoming famous locally through the videos she made. Police have looked into every aspect, police sources said.

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